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The 20X factor proposition presented in this book states that you’re able of achieving twenty times further than you presently suppose you can. Although it may feel unfeasible, you might now be asking yourself How am I supposed to get twenty times further effects done if I do not have the time? ― trust me, there’s away! The secret isn’t to gain further time, but to use wisely the limited hours you have.
The reason you were not suitable to do so ahead is that you’ve been kept in the dark. That is right! You did not know you can do twenty times further, and it’s not because your parents did not educate you or that society does not want you to succeed, but your mind was not duly programmed and sorely, this is the case with the utmost of the people around you.
Fortunately, Unstoppable Mind way in to help! This book will educate you on how to tap into your own eventuality and pave the way for success. The thing isn’t to make further plutocrats and gain fame, but to live a purposeful life, come a positive person, and spread joy in your community. Still, to achieve that and the rest as a perk, you must first learn many assignments.

Here are my three favorite ones:

  1. Learn to tame and train your mind to work in your favor.
  2. Fear destroys creativity and confidence, so face it with courage.
  3. A focused mind is a powerful mind, but training it to become so takes time and practice.

Lesson 1: Learn how to control your mind instead of letting it control you.

During the course of a day, we have approximately 6,200 thoughts that run through our heads, according to a new study published by Queen’s University. Naturally, we don’t actively notice all of them, but they play a very important role in the way we act and proceed with our activities. Therefore, adopting a winning mentality is crucial in our journey to success.

Firstly, you should aim to win total control over your thoughts. Do that by taming it when you notice it losing control. For example, when you catch yourself thinking negatively about an upcoming experience, talking bad about yourself, putting yourself down, or just being pessimistic for no reason, try to actively engage with your thoughts and diminish them to a point when they no longer have control over how you feel.

If you’re not feeding them emotions, they’ll fade away, which is exactly what you aim to do. Discipline your mind to not produce more of those thoughts by sobering up. This step implies becoming more objective of yourself and acting like a witness of your mind’s products. From that position, you can tell more easily if they’re constructive or destructive thoughts, and decide if they’re important or not to you.

Lastly, adopt a positive mindset, surround yourself with beautiful pictures, create a vision board, read inspiring and educational materials instead of watching an episode of your favorite series, and do anything in your power to create the environment that you love. Create a plan to help you stay on track with your goals and find the people that are willing to do the same, as it’ll help you stay motivated.

Lesson 2: Stop the flow of negative thoughts and become a braver version of yourself.

Confidence is the key to becoming a more powerful person and taping into your own power to achieve your full potential. Without confidence, fear and negative thoughts take over and your best self becomes a hidden gem within. However, fear is a natural emotion that will occur no matter what, so let’s explore ways to overcome it!

Witness your negativity objectively and look for the root cause. Oftentimes, we can’t justify the way we feel but still sense those emotions regardless. If you find that your feelings take over your mind unreasonably, stop them with a power statement. Redirect them towards this powerful, positive statement, and reinforce it whenever you feel like it.

Redirect your mind from the negative chatter within to focusing on your goals. Think about what you can do right now to help yourself achieve your objectives, instead of thinking negatively and becoming a victim. Lastly, find ways to maintain this state of mind through a mantra. Practice your mantra continuously and even say it out loud if it helps you stick to it.

Lesson 3: Focus your attention to make the most of your days.

Everybody advocates for meditation, concentration techniques, quieting the mind chatter, and becoming a focused person. Nothing wrong with that — but how do we achieve it? It seems that every time we try to close our eyes and do so, our mind starts running like crazy. All our thoughts and emotions come running towards us all at once, and if we try to stop them, it only gets worse.

Relatable? I think so. However, there are ways to stop the mind chatter and truly focus yourself on visualizing your goals, coming up with plans to fulfill your objectives, and becoming more focused overall. To start with, it takes practice and a lot of it. Setting up your environment properly helps. Turn off all your devices and find a comfortable spot to meditate. Close your eyes and focus on your breathing pattern. Then, practice Box Breathing.

Inhale for five seconds, hold it for the same amount of time, and release your exhale for another five seconds. Repeat for a few minutes. If you find that your mind is still producing thoughts, try to count along and focus on your breath only. After you finish this exercise, move on to your day, but do it smartly. Set some goals and stick to them. Create an hourly schedule for them and tick whatever you’ve done. Lastly, prioritize them and get the most important ones done first.


Unbeatable Mind steps in to help everyone struggling with a busy mind and a lack of productivity, or simply to teach us how to become our best selves starting from within. This book will teach you how to train your mind to become more efficient and thus, use it as a tool in your endeavors. Cultivating remarkable qualities is a challenging process that everyone must go through, but with the right practices and a few tips-and-tricks from the former Navy SEAL, everything becomes doable right away.



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