Daily ask these questions to yourself

1. What am I good at?

2. What am I so-so at?

3. What am I bad at?

4. What makes me tired?

5. What is the most important thing in my life?

6. Who are the most important people in my life?

7. How much sleep do I need?

8. What stresses me out?

9. What relaxes me?

10. What’s my definition of success?

11. What type of worker am I?

12. How do I want others to see me?

13. What makes me sad?

14. What makes me happy?

15. What makes me angry?

16. What type of person do I want to be?

17. What type of friend do I want to be?

18. What do I think about myself?

19. What things do I value in life?

20. What makes me afraid?

Now what?

Once you answer these questions, don’t stop getting to know yourself.



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Your Think

Your Think

Observe, listen and relax then act