6 behaviors that make people respect you more

your physical appearance

We can’t change how we came out of the womb, but we can maximize our appearance.

Stop always being available

You don’t always need to respond to that text.

Talk less.

I was always ashamed that I spoke little at school. Much of this came out of my shyness, but even today, I often find it difficult to find the words.

Be relaxed and move slow.

Quick movements and fidgeting make you appear like a nervous woodland creature in the headlights.

Talk a fraction slower.

One of the major contributors to my overcoming social anxiety was adopting a thing called ‘slow talk.’

Hold people’s eyes.

Nothing says ‘I’m confident and I am interested in other people than holding someone’s gaze, especially for a little longer than might feel comfortable.



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Your Think

Your Think

Observe, listen and relax then act